Miss Lucy’s Playground Songs

Spanish Dancer

Posted on: February 11, 2009

If I recall… this was a difficult jump rope song.

Spanish Dancer, do the splits
Spanish Dancer, give a high kick
Spanish Dancer, turn around
Spanish Dancer, bend to the ground.

For each one of the actions named in the song, you need to do the action while you are jump roping. I couldn’t ever do the splits outside of a fast turning rope. Inside was impossible.

On In the 80s, I found this version:

Not last night,
but the night before,
twenty-four robbers came knockin’ at my door.
As I ran out, they ran in,
hit me on the head with a rollin’ pin.
Asked ’em what they wanted,
this is what they said:
Chinese dancers, turn around.
Chinese dancers, touch the ground.
Chinese dancers, do the splits.
Chinese dancers, that is it.

First Published on: Aug 8, 2008


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